We welcome you to our Church web site and hope you find the information here helpful. History tells us that there has been a Congregational Church in Sanquhar for over 150 years and in that time has seen many changes. I should perhaps point out that I haven’t been here the whole time and not one of the original members.The season I am in is still the same, in that we are telling  the good news  to the people around us.

Today we have many great inventions and resources to assist us get the message across. We as a fellowship rely a great deal on modern technology, and have found it’s use really quite inspiring and amazing. From advertising our events to the music we use on a Sunday morning, not to mention the presentations we put together in Church are all useful tools in reaching out. We are able also to record our services and place and place those either on Cd disc or place them on line in the form of Podcasts to keep the members not able to join us in touch.

The fellowship here may be small, but it is surprising just how many visitors we have both to our website and also our Facebook page. In recent years church for us has been changing, for not only is it about filling seats on a Sunday morning, but reaching out to the local community around us. Meeting up with all sorts of people and showing how we feel by example.

When you look at the life and the work that Jesus did whilst he was here on earth, you soon discover His church didn’t stand still, not only that but he would bring the message down to a level the folks near to Him could understand., I believe the same thing should apply to us in this present modern time. Come to think of it the Bible is filled with verses and accounts of change. I have often heard it said that the only easy way to deal with change is when you are the one doing the change. Truth be told, many times we are not in control of the change and therefore we find it hard to adjust.

When I felt God calling me to this church in the first instance, I felt  He laid on my heart the surrounding community. The vision he gave was that of the church being a fortress, meaning as it was the first building to catch the eye as you enter the housing estate, and the last building as you leave the area to go your way, and showing we had a responsibility to our community.

From time to time we organise events and those are displayed on posters throughout the town and on social media, and also by persons invitation. We’d just love to see you at our Coffee Mornings, Our Lunch Clubs or our Evening Outreach events. Or even better at 11:30am on a Sunday morning for our weekly service.

May God bless you each one

Tom Bonnar



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