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Service Date Speaker Service Date Speaker
Sunday 19th November 2017      
Sunday 3rd December 2017 Advent 1      
Sunday 10th December 2017 Advent 2      
Christmas Eve Part service      
Sunday 7th January 2018      
Sunday 14th January 2018      
Sunday 28th January 2018      
Sunday 4th February 2018      
Sunday 11th February 2018      
Sunday 18th February 2018      
Sunday 25th February 2018      
Sunday 4th March 2018      
Sunday 11th March 2018      
Sunday 18th March 2018      
Sunday 25th March 2018      
Sunday 8th April 2018      
Sunday 15th April 2018 (Part Service)      
Sunday 13th May 2018 (Part Service)      
Sunday 17th June 2018 (Part Service)      


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